Composite Figures

Definition of Composite Figures

If a figure is made from two or more geometric figures, then it is called a Composite Figure.

Example of Composite Figures

      example of Composite Figures
    The given figure is made of two triangles and one rectangle as shown below.
      example of Composite Figures
    So, the given figure is a composite figure.

Video Examples: Area of Compound Shapes

Solved Example onComposite Figures

Ques: Identify the shapes used to construct the composite figure shown.
    example of Composite Figures


    A. triangle and square
    B. squares
    C. square and rectangle
    D. triangle and circle
    Correct Answer: A


    Step 1: Look at the figure. It has two parts.
      example of Composite Figures

      example of Composite Figures

    Step 2: Triangle is used to make the upper part and square is used to construct the lower part.
    Step 3: So, the shapes used to construct the figure are triangle and square.
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