Definition of Weeds

Unwanted and undesired plants that grow naturally along with the desired main crop

More About Weeds

  • They are not intentionally sown and are competitive, persistent, pernicious, interfering with the main crop
  • Amaranthus and grasses are the examples of the weeds of wheat and rice plants
  • They reduce the main crop yield as they compete with the main crop for
    • Soil nutrients
    • Water
    • Space
    • Sunlight
  • The main characteristics of the weeds are as follows:
    • Weeds grow naturally
    • Faster establishment than the main crop
    • High seed production
    • Long term seed survival
    • Well developed reproductive structures
    • Adapted for spread in diverse habitat
  • They interfere with the harvest by contaminating the product quality
  • They either serve as host for crop diseases or provide shelter to insect and microbes that harm them
  • They are sometimes thought of benefitting the nature when following are considered
    • Stabilizing the soil
    • Adding aesthetic value
    • Habitat and feed for wild life
    • Adding to the organic biomass