Definition of Shrubs

Medium sized plants, shorter than tree with hard stem and several branches present at the base of the stem.
Example of Shrubs: Jasmine, cotton, cranberry, blueberry, Hibiscus, Bougainvillea

More About Shrubs

  • A shrub has multiple stems and is shorter in height than the tree
  • The height varies anywhere between 2-8 meters
  • The branches of shrub plants arise at the base or near the base of the plant stem
  • Shurb have diverse adaptation in the environment
  • Shrubs when much branched are also known as “bushes”
  • An area where shrubs are cultivated is called Shrubbery
  • A plant community dominated by the shrubs is known as Shrubland

Questions based on Shrubs:

1) Shrubs are taller than the herbs but shorter than the trees

a) True
b) False

Solution: (a) Shrubs are of medium height taller than herbs but shorter than trees

2) A place where shrubs are cultivated are called ____

Solution: Shruberry

3) When shrubs are much branched they are known as ____

Solution: Bushes