Definition of Obesity

A condition occurring due to excess deposition of the fat in the body leading to health risk.

Examples of Deficiency Diseases

  • Obesity occurs when the intake of energy (food calories) is more than the requirement by the body.
  • Such people are said to be obese and their condition is said to be ?Obesity?.
  • Obese people have high BMI (Body Mass Index). Their BMI is usually 30 or more than 30.
  • (BMI) Body Mass Index is the statistical measurement derived by dividing the subject?s mass by the square of his or her height.
  • It is expressed in Kilogram per square meter.

More About Obesity

  • Obesity increases the chances of getting various diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, cancer, hypertension (high B.P).
  • Obesity may be caused due to the factors like
    - Hereditary
    - Overeating high calorie diet
    - Staying physically inactive or Sedentary lifestyle.
    - Hormonal imbalance
    - Lack of sleep
    - Medications that enchance to put on weight
    • Much of the experiments are being carried out to resolve the problem and finding out solution for this Obesity.
    • However following has been advised to prevent or keep a check on the Obesity
    • - Calorie rich foods such as junk food, fried foods, animal fats, sweets and alcohol should be avoided to prevent obesity.
    • - Regular physical exercise
      - Dieting or having a balanced diet
      - Prescribed medicines for losing weight
      - Surgical methods for weight loss such as bariatric surgery
      - Regular measure BMI

    Question related to Obesity:

    1) Which of the following is not responsible for obesity?
    • a) Hormonal imbalance
      b) Hereditary
      c) Balanced diet
      d) Calorie rich diet
    Solution. (c) Balanced diet prevents Obesity.
    2) The BMI is related to Obesity.
    • a) True
      b) False
      Solution: (a) If the BMI is 30 or over, the person is considered as Obese.

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