Leaf Lamina

Definition of Leaf Lamina

Broad expanded part of the leaf that is generally green in colour.

More About Leaf Lamina

  • It is also known as ‘Leaf Blade’
  • The edge of the leaf blade is known as margin of the leaf
  • The shape or form of the leaf lamina is an important characteristic for classifying leaf
  • It provides more surface area required to absorb air, light and carbondioxide
  • The leaf lamina is rich in ‘chloroplast’which contains chlorophyll
  • Chlorophyll absorbs the sunlight and helps in photosynthetic activity
  • The colour, size and shape of the leaf vary from one plant to another plant
  • The parts of leaf lamina includes:

a) Leaf apex: The tip of the leaf
b) Leaf margin: The boundary of the leaf
c) Leaf lobes: The portion of the leaf separated by slight indentation
d) Veins: The vascular bundles for transport of water and food