Fibrous Joints

Fibrous Joints

Definition of Fibrous Joints

Joints that are connected by denseirregular fibrous connective tissue, usually collagen

More About Fibrous Joints

  • The bones of these joints are fixed and do not move
  • They lack synovial cavity
  • Fibrous joints are also known as “immovable joints” or “fixed joints”
  • Depending upon the degree of movement, they are immobile and hence it is known as Synarthrotic joint
  • There are three types of fibrous joints
    1. Syndesmoses : It is found between long bones and are connectedby long collagen fibresand allow slight movement
    Example – distal tibiofibular joint. The anterior tibiofibular ligament connects tibia and fibula
    2. Suture : The suture is fibrous joint composed of thin layer of dense irregular connective tissue
    3. They are found only between flat bones of the skull. The skull bones of the foetus arenot fused so as to allow the free movement and compression of the skull size during birth
    4. Gomphosis : They are formed by union of a cone-shaped bony process into a bony socket a healthy gomphosis permits no movement
    Example -Dentoalveolar joint(between the roots of the teeth and their sockets in jaw bone).

Questions based on fibrous joint:

1) The bony components in the fibrous joints are united by ____

a) Hyaline cartilage
b) Ligament
c) Tendon
d) None of the above

Solution: (b)The bone in the fibrous joints are united by ligaments made up of dense fibrous connective tissue, generally collagen

2) Fibrous joints are also known as ____.

a) Movable joints
b) Immovable joints
c) Fixed joints
d) Both b & c

Solution: (d) Fibrous joints are also known as immovable or fixed joint as they do not allow any movement of the bones involved in the joints