Definition of Edible

Any food or eatable substance that is non-poisonous. It can be consumed without harm

More About Edible

  • Edible foods are palatable
  • The edible parts of the plant may vary depending upon the plant
  • In some plants leaves may be edible, while in others seed, fruit, flower, stem or root may be edible
  • Mushrooms are of two types based on whether they are edible or inedible

Questions based on Edible

1) Which among the following is the edible part in Mango?

a) Epicarp
b) Mesocarp
c) Exocarp
d) Endocarp

Solution: ( b) Mesocarp is the edible part in Mango

2) Which among the following is the edible part in Coconut?

a) Epicarp
b) Endosperm
c) Mesocarp
d) Pericarp

Solution: (b) Endosperm is the edible part in Coconut

3) Cabbage is edible. To which part of the plant does it belong?

a) Stem
b) Root
c) Leaves
d) Flower

Solution: (c) Cabbage is a modified leave that we eat

4) The leaves of tomato plant are poisonous whereas the fruit is edible

a) True
b) False

Solution: a) Only the fruit (tomato) of tomato plant is edible

5) Which of the following part of the plant is edible?

a) Root
b) Fruit
c) Seed
d) All the above

Solution: (d) The edible parts (leaves, stem, root, fruit, flower, seeds) of the plant differ from plant to plant