Dietary Fibres

Dietary Fibres

Definition of Dietary Fibres

Essential component of food that helps the body to get rid of the undigested food
Examples of food containing dietary fibres
Fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains and pulses, nuts and seeds.

More About Dietary Fibres

  • Dietary fibres are also termed as roughage or ruffage
  • Dietary fibres are obtained from plant products
  • Chemically, dietary fiber consists of non – starch polysaccharides such as cellulose, chitins, pectins and inulin etc
  • They add bulk to the food and help in digestion process. The fermentation of the dietary fibre occur in the Colon of the digestive tract
  • They also add bulk to the stools.
    • Regular intake of dietary fibres helps to prevent constipation
    • However high fibre diet is harmful as it results to gas formation and bloating
    • They help to lower the risk of colon
    • They improve the blood sugar level for the diabetic patient
    • They help in weight control measure, as though little eaten you feel full
    • Dietary fibres are of two types

    a) Soluble fibres are soluble in water:

    • They are found in Lehumes, Root tubers, Fruits, Vegetables(Broccolli, Carrot), Nuts
    • They help to prevent the cholesterol being absorbed by the intestinal cells

    b) Insoluble fibres are insoluble in water:

    • - They are found in Wheat grain, seeds, potato skin, Vegetable(Cauliflower, Celary) ,Avacado
    • -It helps to increase bulk and soften food
  • The dietary intake of fibre is 38 gms for men and 25 gms for women respectively.
  • The patients suffering from severe constipation are advised to take dietary supplements.
  • The dietary supplements are unprocessed bran, ispaghula husk, wheat dextrin, inulin fibres and whole linseeds soaked in the water.
  • The patients are also advised to drink lots of water.
  • Washing the hands properly before eating or preparing food
  • Washing hands after using the toilet/ washroom
  • Maintaining cleanliness about the utensils/ cutlery, and toilets

Questions based on Dietary Fibres

Which among the following can be prevented by regular intake of dietary fibres?

a) Anaemia
b) Constipation
c) Skin infection
d) Bloating

Solution: (b) Regular intake of dietary fibres helps in preventing Constipation, Colon Cancer, and Cholesterol absorption

Dietary fibre is found in

a) Fruits and Vegetables
b) Whole grains
c) Legumes
d) All the above

Solution: (d) Dietary fibres are found in fruits, vegetables, seeds, dried fruits, legumes