Definition of Corolla

The whorl of the flower consisting of petals

More About Corolla

  • There are four whorls of a flower namely calyx, corolla, androecium, gynoecium.
  • Calyx and corolla are the non-reproductive whorls whereas; androecium and gynoecium are the reproductive whorls.
  • Corolla is the second whorl of the flower after calyx, the outermost whorl. It consists of unit members called petals
  • This whorl is larger than the calyx
  • The calyx and corolla together are called as perianth
  • Corolla varies among the flower species in the following regards
  • Corolla varies among the flower species in the following regards
    • Number of the petals: If the number of petal ranges between 1-6 they are termed as actinomorphic and if they range between 7-11 they are said to be zygomorphic
    • Colour of the petals: The petals may be pink, red, blue, orange, white and many more of their shades
    • Shape of the petals: The shapes of the petals are very diverse and may be wheel shaped, bell shaped, funnel shaped, tubular, two lipped, helmet shaped and many more
    • Fused or free petals: The petals may be separate, partly fused or completely fused. When the petals are completely fused they form a tube like structure known as corolla tube
    • Symmetry of corolla: Some show radial symmetry as in Vanda orchid and some show bilateral symmetry as in poppy
  • It is the most prominent and brightly coloured whorls of the flower due to the presence of the colourful petals
  • Corolla helps in attracting the honey bees, birds and insects for pollination
  • Corolla encloses the reproductive whorls namely androecium and gynoecium and protects them

Questions based on Corolla

1) Which among the following are the unit membersofmembers of the Corolla?

a) Sepals
b) Petals
c) Ovules
d) Stamens

Solution: (b)Petals) Petals are the unit members of the Corolla

2) Petals of a flower collectively constitute a whorl known as ____

a) Calyx
b) Corolla
c) Androecium
d) Gynoecium

Solution: (b) The petals collectively from a floral whorl known as corolla