Definition of Anaemia

Deficiency disease caused due to the lack of iron, vitamin B 12 or folic acid in the daily die

More About Anaemia

  • Iron is an important inorganic mineral required for the formation of haemoglobin
  • Haemoglobin helps in the transport of oxygen in red blood cells to various part of the body
  • Iron deficiency leads to the less than normal level of haemoglobin quantity in the blood
  • Lower levels of haemoglobin leads to a condition known as Hypoxia (reduced oxygen levels) as haemoglobin present in RBC carry oxygen to various organs of the body
  • Deficiency of Iron leads to decreased number of red blood cells than normal i.e., 5-5.5million/mm3 in male 4.5-5 million/mm3in female or decreased haemoglobin content than normal i.e., 12-16g/100ml in male, and 13-14g/100 ml in female.)
  • Anaemia are of various types depending upon the different causes such as lack of iron, folic acid or Vitamin B12 (cyanocobalamin)

However Iron deficient anaemia is the most common type and may be caused due to

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    • - Lack of iron in the diet
    • - Poor absorption
    • - Due to heavy loss of blood during menstruation
    • - Impaired production of RBC or haemoglobin
    • - Excessive destruction of RBC’s
    • - Blood loss due to surgery
    • - Gynaecological disturbances
    • - Gastrointestinal lesions
  • The patients suffering from anaemia feel tired and lethargic
  • They suffer from shortness of breath, headache and body pains
  • They may look pale and they have altered taste
  • Iron rich foods such as green leafy vegetables, dry fruits, red meat, chickpeas, soyabeans, lentils, egg yolk,liver, beet root, should be included in the diet to prevent iron deficient anaemia
  • Iron rich diet and dietary supplement of iron are used to treat anaemia

Questions based on Anaemia:

Questions:- Anaemia is caused due to the deficiency of ____

A) Calcium
B) Magnesium
C) Iron
D) Vitamins

Solution: (C) Anaemia is generally caused due to the deficiency of mineral iron

Questions:- Which among the following is/are responsible for Anaemia?

A) Folic acid
B) vitamin B12
C) Iron
D) All the above

Solution: (D) Anaemia is caused due to the lack of iron, vitamin B 12 or folic acid in the daily diet