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A company produces candies. The table shows the candies produced for different number of hours in a day.
Number of Candies 345
Candies Produced120016002000

Based on the data shown in the table, find the number of candies produced in one hour.
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Describe how the price of a pen changed after three years.

TimePrice of a Pen
after 1st year$6.00
after 2nd year$6.50
after 3rd year$6.95

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Describe how the price of a toy changed after four years.

YearPrice of a Toy

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Describe the growth of population in a city.
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Eric and Bill rode their bikes to the neighbor city. The table shows the distance they covered in different number of hours. How many miles did they cover in 9 hours?
Number of hoursNumber of Miles Covered

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Joe collects stamps. The table shows the number of stamps that he collected in various months.
Number of Stamps Collected50100150200

How many stamps did Joe collect in the month of June?
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Kathy recorded the change in temperatures during the day in a table as shown.
Time8:00 A.M.10:00 A.M.12:00 A.M.
Temperature (in °C)162024

What was the temperature at 11:00 A.M.?
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Peter's salary increases every year. The table shows his income in different years.
Salary (in dollars)400004500050000

What would be his income in the year 2003?
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Philip can travel 8 miles in 4 hours. Which of the following relationship can we use to find the distance traveled in 3 hours?
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Sam participated in a running race. The table shows the distance covered by Sam.
Time (in seconds)456
Distance covered (in meters) 80100120

Find out the distance that Sam would cover in 8 seconds.
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The profit of a company over a period of time is shown in the table.
Profit (in millions of dollars)101520

What do you think was the profit of the company in the year 2002?
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The table shows the number of kilometers Ashley walked in the respective number of hours. What does the table indicate with respect to the change in the total number of kilometers over time?

Time (h)1357
total distance (km)1357

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The table shows the number of PET bottles recycled during limited number of hours in a day.
Number of Hours46810
Number of Bottles Recycled16243240

How many bottles were recycled in 5 hours?
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Tim ate lots of candies last week. The table shows the pattern and the number of candies he ate each day.

Number of candies048?162024

How many candies did he eat on Thursday?
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Use the table to find the number of days in 8 weeks.


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What does the following graph indicate about Jane's height?
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What does the graph shown below indicate?
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