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Choose a graph that shows the sale of computers over a period of 6 months.
January: 100, February: 90, March: 80, April: 120, May: 80, June: 110
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Four children picked some flowers from a garden. Ana picked 15, Sara picked 30, Tina picked 20, and Liza picked 25 flowers. Choose the appropriate pictograph that matches with the data.
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In a food competition, Jason ate 21 pizzas, Wilson ate 8 pizzas , and Tyson ate 12 pizzas. Which pictograph represents the data correctly?
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Sandra has 8 pear trees, 16 peach trees, and 12 orange trees in her backyard. Which pictograph correctly shows this data?View Details
The table shows the number of different flavors of chocolates sold on Monday morning in a shop. Which pictograph represents the data correctly?
FlavorNumber of chocolates

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The tally chart shows the number of books read by 4 friends in the month of March. Which graph best suits the chart?
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