Topic: Measurement  >>  Compare weight and mass using appropriate-sized U.S. customary and metric units.

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A container has few apples, each weighing around 200 grams. How many apples can the container have, if its total weight is 13 kilograms?View Details
Carol′s baggage weighs 20 kg 400 g and her friend Diane′s baggage weighs 24 kg 402 g. Compare the weights.View Details
Choose the case where weights are in order from the greatest to the least.View Details
Gary and William are brothers. Gary consumes 1 cup of milk and William consumes 33 tablespoons of milk per day. Who consumes more milk?View Details
Identify the appropriate comparison between a pound and an ounce.
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Tim and Paul go shopping. The weight of Tim′s bag is 2 pounds and that of Paul′s is 36 ounces. Who has a heavier bag?View Details
Which one is greater?
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Which sentence is true for the figure shown?
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