Topic: Measurement  >>  Recognize the relationship between meters and yards, kilometers and miles, liters and quarts, and kilograms and pounds.

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25 liters of milk is consumed in a party. About how many quarts of milk is consumed?
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Jim uses 90 quarts of water for bathing. About how many liters does he use to take bath?View Details
John drinks 3 quarts of water every day. About how many liters does he drink daily?View Details
Kim invited his friends for a tea party. He made tea for them using 5 liters of milk. About how many quarts of milk did he use?
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Mark drinks 4 liters of water every day. State how many quarts of water he drinks daily.
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Rachel extracted 15 liters of juices from oranges. About how many quarts of juice is extracted?View Details
Robin bought 25 liters of drink for the Christmas party. How many quarts of drink did he buy?View Details
Stephen's family consumes about 35 liters of milk every month. How many quarts of milk do they consume every month?View Details
Steve uses 70 quarts of water for gardening. About how many liters does he use for gardening?View Details
Weber drinks 4 quarts of apple juice every week. About how many liters of juice does he drink every week?
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