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14 dogs and 23 cats were brought for a pet show. How many pets were there in the show?View Details
Alice bought a 40 m ribbon and her sister gave her a 10 m ribbon. Find the total length of the ribbon Alice has.View Details
An office has 3 floors. The first floor has 28 computers, the second floor has 34 computers, and the third floor has 35 computers. Find the total number of computers in the office.
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Ashley collected 45 stamps and her brother gave her 28 stamps. How many stamps does Ashley have now?View Details
Ashley has 213 crayons and her sister has 198 crayons. How many crayons do they have in all?View Details
Diane has 4 blue pencils, 4 green pencils, and 6 purple pencils. Find the total number of pencils Diane has.View Details
Hanna checked her mails after a long time. She had got 37 mails from her friends, 28 from her family members, and 8 bulk mails. How many mails did Hanna get altogether?View Details
Jason bought a shirt for $28, a toy for $13, and a wallet for $15. Find the total money spent by him.View Details
Jason started from his friend′s house and traveled 218 miles towards his house. What is the total distance between Jason′s house and his friend′s house, if Jason still has to travel 153 miles to reach his house?
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Jason started from his friend's house and traveled 307 miles towards his house. Find the total distance between Jason's house and his friend's house if Jason still has 253 miles to reach his house.View Details
John had $5 and his father gave him $10. How much money does he have now?
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Kim bought a bread for $1, milk for $2, and vegetables for $4. How much did she spend on milk and bread?
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Mathew bought a ring for $30 and watch for $46. How much did he spend?View Details
Matt wants to buy a microwave oven that costs $240. He also wants to buy a walkman that costs $40. How much will Matt have to pay in all?
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Mr. Smith′s last month salary was $2,000. He got an increment of $500 from this month. What is his new salary?
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Nathan wants to buy a television set that costs $130. He also wants to buy a telephone that costs $90. How much will Nathan have to pay in all?
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Sam bought 17 pencils, and his brother Sunny bought 13 pencils. How many pencils did they buy in all?View Details
Sam has 107 marbles. His brother gave him 204 marbles. How many marbles did Sam have in all?
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Sandra collected 321 stamps and John collected 220 stamps in a year. How many stamps did they collect in all?View Details
Steve has traveled 8 kilometers in the morning, 7 kilometers in the afternoon, and 9 kilometers in the evening. Find the total distance that Steve traveled during the day.View Details
Sunny has 39 marbles and Joe has 26 marbles. Find the total number of marbles.View Details
Sunny scored 21 in History, 31 in English, and 51 in Economics. What was his total score in all the three subjects?View Details
There are 9 lilac and 38 white marbles in a box. Find the total number of marbles in the box.
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There were 22 red roses, 23 yellow roses, 31 pink roses, and 14 white roses in a bouquet. Find the total number of roses in the bouquet.View Details
Tim has 5 violet, 9 green, and 5 lilac shirts. Find the total number of shirts Tim has.
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Wilma designed 2 different models of a house. The first model has 21 doors and 30 windows and the second model has 15 doors and 40 windows. Find the total number of windows in both the models.
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