Topic: Measurement  >>  Adding and subtract lengths using mixed units within the same measurement system.

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Add the units of length.
3 m 21 cm + 1 m 90 cm = _____ cm
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Cathy bought 14 feet 6 inches of fabric to make costumes. She used 9 feet 4 inches of it. How many feet of fabric were left?View Details
John's height is 1 meter 98 centimeters and that of George is 1 meter 64 centimeters. How much more taller is John when compared to George?View Details
Mary bought 1 m 45 cm of cloth for making a table cloth and 3 m 29 cm for making drapes. What is the total length of the cloth she bought?View Details
The height of Paul is 1 meter 83 centimeters and that of Joe is 1 meter 92 centimeters. Find the difference in their heights.
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Wilma placed some books in a bookshelf, which occupied 5 feet 4 inches. If the total length of the bookshelf is 7 feet 15 inches, find the length of the portion of the shelf left vacant.View Details
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