Definition of Molecule

Smallest particle of a substance which can exist in independent state

More About Liquid:

  • Every substance (Solid, liquid, or gas) is composed of several molecules, we can separate a molecule from the substance (i.e.,) they exist in Free State.
  • Molecules are composed of atoms. Atoms combine to form a molecule. We cannot separate atoms. Atoms cannot exist in Free State. When you separate an atom, it combines with another atom to form a molecule.
  • Atoms combine by sharing or transformation electrons to form a molecule.
  • Molecules combine to form a substance. There is attritional force between the molecules of a substance.
  • Two or more atoms combine to form a molecule.
  • In an element the molecules are composed of identical atoms.
  • In a compound the molecules are composed of different atoms.
  • Materials are made up of tiny moving particles called molecules.
  • In solids, the particles are held together by strong attractions.
  • In liquids they have more energy and are less strongly held.
  • In gases, they have enough energy to overcome the attractions, stay spaced out, and move around freely.

Definition of Molecule


Which of the following describes the property of liquid?

  • Oxygen molecule is composed of two oxygen atoms.( o2) It is an element.
  • o + o = o2
  • Water molecule is composed of two Hydrogen and one oxygen atoms. It is a compound
  • H2 + o = H2o
  • Helium is a single atom molecule

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