Substitution Method

Definition of Substitution Method

Substitution method is a method of solving a system of equations wherein one of the equations is solved for one variable in terms of the other variables.

Video Examples: Solving Linear Systems Substitution Method

Solved Example on Substitution Method

Ques: Use the substitution method to solve the linear system.

    Use the substitution method to solve the linear system.
    5x + 3y = 26
    x - 3y = 4
    Substitution Method
    Correct Answer: A


    Step 1: 5x + 3y = 26 [Equation 1.]
    Step 2: x - 3y = 4 [Equation 2.]
    Step 3: x = 3y + 4 [Rearrange equation 2.]
    Step 4: 5(3y + 4) + 3y = 26 [Substitute the values.]
    Step 5: 18y + 20 = 26 [Group the like terms.]
    Step 6: 18y = 6 [Subtracting 20 from the two sides of the equation.]
    Step 7: Substitution Method [Divide throughout by 18.]
    Step 8: Substitution of  Method[Substitute the values.]
    Step 9: x = 5 [Simplify.]
    Step 10: The solution for the linear system is Substitution Method.

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