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Square Root

Definition Of Square Root

The square root of a number is a nonnegative number which when multiplied by itself equals the given number..

More About Square Root

Square Root Function:Square Root , x ≥ 0 is a square root function.
The following are some properties of square root functions. These properties are true for all positive real numbers a and b Square Root

Video Examples: Square Roots Math Shortcuts_ Speed Math _ Fast Math

Example of Square Root

 example of   Square Root

Solved Example on Square Root

Ques: Find the square root of 196.


A. 7 
B. 28 
C. 42 
D. 14 
Correct Answer: D


Step 1: Square root of 196 =  example of   Square Root
Step 2:  example of   Square Root [Since 14 × 14 = 196.]