Segment Bisector

Definition of Segment Bisector

A Segment Bisector is a line or a ray or a segment that divides a line segment into two equal parts.

More About Segment Bisector

A segment bisector always passes through the midpoint of a line segment.
If a segment bisector crosses the segment at 900, then it is called as perpendicular bisector of the segment

Example of Segment Bisector

example of Segment Bisector
In the given figure, the line segment DE is the bisector of the segment AC as it intersects the line segment AC at its midpoint B

Video Examples: Segment Bisector

Solved Example on Segment Bisector

Ques: What is the length of AB, if line l is the segment bisector and AO = 6 units?

example of Segment Bisector
  • A. 13 units
  • B. 6 units
  • C. 12 units
  • D. 14 units

Correct Answer: C


  • Step 1: Line l divides AB into two equal parts and O is the midpoint of AB.
    [As the segment bisector passes through the midpoint of the segment.]
  • Step 2: AB = 2(AO) = 2(6) = 12 [Substitute AO = 6.]
  • Step 3: So, the length of AB is 12 units.

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