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Definition Of Regrouping

Regrouping is reorganizing the formation of the group

More about Regrouping

Regrouping is used to assist while performing addition and subtraction

Example of Regrouping

Subtract 9 from 25.

   Example of Regrouping
To subtract 9 from 25, we first arrange the blocks and then divide one of the tens blocks in ten unit blocks

Video Examples: Regrouping Whole Numbers

Example on Reflex Angle

The filled blocks are 9 as they are to be subtracted.

When subtracted 9 from 25 we are left with 16. That is,


Solved Example on Solved Example on Regrouping

Ques: Mathew collected 120 postal stamps. He gave 13 to his friend. How many stamps was he left with?


A. 97
B. 117
C. 87
D. 107
Correct Answer: D


Step 1: Number of stamps Mathew collected = 120
Step 2: Number of stamps Mathew gave to his friend = 13
Step 3: Number of stamps left = Number of stamps collected - Number of stamps given to his friend
Step 4: Therefore, Mathew was left with 107 stamps.