Definition of Regrouping

  • Regrouping is reorganizing the formation of the group.

More about Regrouping

  • Regrouping is used to assist while performing addition and subtraction.

Example of Regrouping

  • Subtract 9 from 25.

To subtract 9 from 25, we first arrange the blocks and then divide one of the tens blocks in ten unit blocks.

The filled blocks are 9 as they are to be subtracted.

When subtracted 9 from 25 we are left with 16. That is,

Solved Example on Regrouping

Mathew collected 120 postal stamps. He gave 13 to his friend. How many stamps was he left with?
A. 97
B. 117
C. 87
D. 107
Correct Answer: D
Step 1: Number of stamps Mathew collected = 120
Step 2: Number of stamps Mathew gave to his friend = 13
Step 3: Number of stamps left = Number of stamps collected - Number of stamps given to his friend

Step 4: Therefore, Mathew was left with 107 stamps.

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