Definition of Reciprocal

If the product of two numbers is 1, then the two numbers are said to be reciprocals of each other. In other words, a reciprocal is the multiplicative inverse of a number. The reciprocal of a is 1/a

Examples of Reciprocal

  • The real part of a complex number Z is denoted as Re (Z).
  • Consider 9x1/9 = 1
  • 9 is the reciprocal of 1/9
    1/9 is the reciprocal of 9.
  • The following are few examples of reciprocals
  • 3.2, 1/32
    √6, 1/√6

Video Examples: What Is Reciprocal Math

Solved Example on Reciprocal

Ques: Find the reciprocal of 2/5

    A. 5/2
    B. 2/5
    C. 5x2
    D. 1
    Correct Answer: A


    Step 1: The reciprocal of2/5 is 5/2. [Interchange numerator and denominator of 2/5]