Definition of Quadrants

The x- and y- axes divide the coordinate plane into four regions. These regions are called the quadrants.

Examples of Quadrants

  • The figure below shows the four quadrants of the coordinate plane.

Video Examples: Quadrants

Solved Example on Quadrants

Ques: Identify the quadrants in which the points (- 4, 2) and (3, - 8) are located.

    A. first and second quadrants respectively
    B. second and third quadrants respectively
    C. second and fourth quadrants respectively
    D. only the second quadrant
    Correct Answer: C


    Step 1: Start at the origin.
    Step 2: Move 4 units to the left from the y-axis.
    Step 3: Then move 2 units above the x-axis.
    Step 4: The point (- 4, 2) is in the second quadrant.
    Step 5: Move 3 units to the right from the origin on the x-axis.
    Step 6: Then move 8 units below the x-axis.
    Step 7: The point (3, - 8) is in the fourth quadrant.
    Step 8: The points (- 4, 2) and (3, - 8) are in the second and fourth quadrants respectively.

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