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Definition Of Proportion

A proportion is an equation written in the form Proportionstating that two ratios are equivalent.

In other words, two sets of numbers are proportional if one set is a constant times the other.

Video Examples: What is a Proportion?

Example of Proportion

example of Proportionexample of Proportion are examples of proportions.

Solved Example on Proportion

Ques: A cardboard model of a Honda bike is part of an outdoor display. Its height is 4 ft. The actual Honda bike is 5 ft long and 2 ft high. Find the length of the model, if its dimensions are proportionate to the real bike.


A. 11 ft 
B. 12 ft 
C. 9 ft 
D. 10 ft 
Correct Answer: D


Step 1: Let n be the length of Honda bike cardboard model. 
Step 2:                  [Write a proportion.] 
Step 3: n × 2 = 4 × 5         [Write the cross products.] 
Step 4: n = 10 [Simplify the expression.] 
Step 5: The length of the Honda bike cardboard model is 10 ft.