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Definition Of Pattern

A Pattern constitutes a set of numbers or objects in which all the members are related with each other by a specific rule.

More About Pattern

Pattern is also known as sequence.
There can be finite or infinite number of members in a pattern.

Examples of Pattern

Examples of  Pattern

The above pattern contains 2 identical groups with each group having 3 different images, a star followed by a bar, which is followed by 3 dots.

Video Examples: Number Patterns - - Math Help

Solved Example on Pattern

Ques: Find the next three terms of the following pattern. 81, 79, 77, ___, ___, ___,...


A. 79, 81, and 83
B. 83, 81, and 79
C. 75, 73, and 71
D. 79, 77, and 75
Correct Answer: C


Step 1: The rule for the pattern is to count down by 2 repeatedly and continue the sequence to find the next 3 terms. 
Step 2: So, the next three terms in the sequence are 75, 73, and 71.