Numerical Coefficient

Definition of Numerical Coefficient

The constant multiplicative factors attached to the variables in an expression are known as Numerical Coefficient.

More About Numerical Coefficient

The Numerical Coefficient is always written in front of the variable as shown in the expression given below:
a1x1 + a2x2 + ................anxn where a1,a2...................,an are numerical coefficients.
Numerical Coefficient is more frequently referred as Coefficient.

Example of Numerical Coefficient

The numerical coefficient for the term 10x4 is 10.
The numerical coefficients for the expression 3x2 + x + 1 are 3, 1, and 1.

Video Examples: Numerical Coefficients

Solved Example on Numerical Coefficient

Ques: Find the numerical co-efficient in the product of (24a2b2c2), ( ab2c), and (82a2b2c)

  • A. - 656
  • B. 656ab2c
  • C. - 5904
  • D. 656

Correct Answer: A


  • Step 1: Given terms are (24a2b2c2), ( ab2c), and (82a2b2c)
  • Step 2: Product of the given terms is: (24a2b2c2)x ab2c x 82a2b2c =
    (24 x x 82) (a2b2c2 × ab2c × a2b2c) [Use Associative and Commutative properties.]
  • Step 3: = (8 × -1 × 82) (a2+1+2b2+2+2c2+1+1) [Simplifying.]
  • Step 4: = (- 656) (a5b6c4) [Simplifying.]
  • Step 5 :Hence, the numerical coefficient in the product is - 656.

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