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Definition of Minimum

Minimum is the smallest or the least value in a given set of data.

More About Minimum

    Finding the minimum number is easy by arranging the numbers in descending order.

Examples of Minimum

      Examples of   Minimum
    All the numbers in the above figure are arranged in descending order. The least number is 5 among all the numbers. So, 5 is the minimum value.

Video Examples: Maximum and Minimum values of Trigonometric functions

Solved Example on Minimum

Ques: Find the minimum value of the given data set. 230, 148, 114, 106, 130, 148, 222, 100

    A. 106
    B. 222
    C. 100
    D. 230
    Correct Answer: D


    Step 1: Arrange the numbers in the data in the descending order.
    Step 2: The descending order is 230, 222, 148, 130, 114, 106 and 100.
    Step 3: The minimum value of the given data set is 100.
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