Like Fractions

Definition of Like Fractions

The different fractions with the same denominator are Like Fractions.

More About Like Fractions

  • Fractions, whose denominators are not the same, are called unlike fractions.
  • To add and subtract like fractions, we simply need to add or subtract the numerators, then we can write the result over common denominator

Video Examples: Adding and Subtracting Like Fractions

Example of Like Fractions

    3/7and 5/7 are like fractions, as they have the same denominator 7.

Solved Example on Like Fractions

Ques: Choose the group of like fractions from the following:
I. 3/13, 6/13 , 10/13
II. 7/12 , 5/10 , 4/11
III. 1/9 , 1/7 , 1/10
IV. 2/9 , 4/5 , 1/9

    A. I only
    B. IV only
    C. III only
    D. II, III only
    Correct Answer: A


    Step 1: Like fractions have the same denominators.
    Step 2: All the three fractions in I have the same denominator 13. So, the fractions in I are like fractions.
    Step 3: The denominators of all the three fractions in II have different denominators (i.e., 12, 10, and 11). So, the fractions in II are unlike fractions.
    Step 4: The denominators of all the three fractions in III have the different denominators (such as 9, 7, and 10). So, the fractions in III are unlike fractions.
    Step 5: The denominators of all the three fractions in IV are 9, 5, and 9. As the denominators of two of the fractions (2/9 and 1/9) are the same and the denominator of the other fraction is not the same like the other two fractions in the group, the fractions in IV are unlike fractions.
    Step 6: So, the fractions in the group I are like fractions.

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