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Like Fractions

Definition Of Like Fractions

The different fractions with the same denominator are Like Fractions.

More About Like Fractions

Fractions, whose denominators are not the same, are called unlike fractions.
To add and subtract like fractions, we simply need to add or subtract the numerators, then we can write the result over common denominator

Video Examples: Adding and Subtracting Like Fractions

Example of Like Fractions

3/7and 5/7 are like fractions, as they have the same denominator 7.

Solved Example on Like Fractions

Ques: Choose the group of like fractions from the following:
I. 3/13, 6/13 , 10/13
II. 7/12 , 5/10 , 4/11
III. 1/9 , 1/7 , 1/10
IV. 2/9 , 4/5 , 1/9


A. I only
B. IV only
C. III only
D. II, III only
Correct Answer: A


Step 1: Like fractions have the same denominators.
Step 2: All the three fractions in I have the same denominator 13. So, the fractions in I are like fractions.
Step 3: The denominators of all the three fractions in II have different denominators (i.e., 12, 10, and 11). So, the fractions in II are unlike fractions.
Step 4: The denominators of all the three fractions in III have the different denominators (such as 9, 7, and 10). So, the fractions in III are unlike fractions.
Step 5: The denominators of all the three fractions in IV are 9, 5, and 9. As the denominators of two of the fractions (2/9 and 1/9) are the same and the denominator of the other fraction is not the same like the other two fractions in the group, the fractions in IV are unlike fractions.
Step 6: So, the fractions in the group I are like fractions.