Intersecting Lines

Definition of Intersecting Lines

Lines that have one and only one point in common are known as intersecting lines.

More About Intersecting Lines

  • A minimum of two lines are required for intersection.
  • The common point where all the intersecting lines meet is called the Point of Intersection.
  • All the intersecting lines form angles at the point of intersection.

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Example of Intersecting Lines

       example of Intersecting Lines
    Any line segment that crosses or meets AD is said to Intersecting Lines AD. In the given figure, the line segments AB, DC, DH, and AE Intersecting Lines AD.In figure, there are two lines AB and CD which intersect each other at O.

Solved Example on Intersecting Lines

Ques: Which figure shows a pair of intersecting lines?
     example of Intersecting Lines

    A. Figure 2
    B. Figure 3
    C. Figure 1
    D. Figure 4
    Correct Answer: A


    Step 1: Intersecting lines cross at a common point.
    Step 2: Figure 2 has two lines, which intersect each other at a single point.
    Step 3: So, Figure 2 represents a pair of intersecting lines.