intersecting lines

Definition of Intersecting Lines

  • Lines that have one and only one point in common are known as intersecting lines.

More about Intersecting Lines

  • A minimum of two lines are required for intersection.
  • The common point where all the intersecting lines meet is called the Point of Intersection.
  • All the intersecting lines form angles at the point of intersection.

Example of Intersecting Lines

  • In figure, there are two lines AB and CD which intersect each other at O.

Solved Example on Intersecting Lines

Which figure shows a pair of intersecting lines?

A. Figure 2
B. Figure 3
C. Figure 1
D. Figure 4
Correct Answer: A
Step 1: Intersecting lines cross at a common point.
Step 2: Figure 2 has two lines, which intersect each other at a single point.
Step 3: So, Figure 2 represents a pair of intersecting lines.

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