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Definition for Feet, Foot

  • Foot or Feet is the customary unit of length.

More about Feet, Foot

  • 'Feet' is the plural of 'Foot'.
  • 1 foot = 12 inches, 3 feet = 1 yard, and 5280 feet = 1 mile.
  • Feet are abbreviated as 't'.

Example of Feet, Foot

  • To measure the height of a door, 'feet' is the best unit as inches are smaller unit and miles are bigger ones.

Solved Example on Feet, Foot

Choose the object whose approximate length is about 1 foot.
A. a keyboard
B. an eraser
C. a pen
D. a playground
Correct Answer: A
Step 1: Visualize the objects listed and compare their lengths with the length of 1 foot
Step 2: 1 foot is about the same length as a keyboard.
Step 3: A keyboard would be about 1 foot long.

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