Evaluate an Algebraic Expression

Definition of Evaluate an Algebraic Expression

The process of replacing the variables in an expression with the numerical values and simplifying it is known as evaluating an algebraic expression.

More About Evaluate an Algebraic Expression

    Order of operation is used to evaluate an algebraic expression.

Video Examples: Evaluating Algebraic Expressions

Example of Evaluate an Algebraic Expression

    To evaluate the algebraic expression '4.5 + x' for x = 3.2, we need to replace x with 3.2 and then add.
    4.5 + x = 4.5 + 3.2

Solved Example on Evaluate an Algebraic Expression

Ques: Evaluate the algebraic expression p + 3q + 2p - 3q, for p = 2 and q = - 5.

    A. 12
    B. 18
    C. 3
    D. 6
    Correct Answer: D


    Step 1: p + 3q + 2p - 3q [Original expression.]
    Step 2: = (p + 2p) + (3q - 3q) [Group the like terms together.]
    Step 3: = 3p [Solve within the grouping symbols.]
    Step 4: = 3 x 2 [Substitute 2 for p.]
    Step 5: = 6 [Multiply.]

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