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Equally Likely

Definition Of Equally Likely

The outcomes of an experiment are equally likely to occur when the probability of each outcome is equal.

Example of Equally Likely

When you toss a fair coin, you are equally likely to get a head or a tail.
When you roll a fair die, you are equally likely to roll a 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6.

Video Examples: Finite Mathematics - Probabilities, Events and equally likely outcomes

Solved Example on Equally Likely

Ques: Which one of the following best replaces the blank? 'A and B are playing tennis. The event of A or B winning the match is ______________.'


A. a likely event 
B. an unlikely event
C. an equally likely event 
D. none of the above
Correct Answer: C


Step 1: Both A and B have equal chances of winning the match.
Step 2: So, it is an equally likely event.