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Definition Of Direction

Direction gives the information about the way towards which an object moves or tends.

More About Direction

There are four principal directions, East, South, West, and North

Example of Direction

The arrow mark in the figure indicates that the object is moving towards 'South'.

 example of  Direction

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Solved Example on Direction

Ques: Jeff made a grid to show the location of the zoo to his uncle. Which of the following is a possible way to reach the zoo from the bakery?

 example of  Direction


A. Move 5 units east and 3 units north
B. Move 3 units east and 3 units south 
C. Move 2 units north and 3 units south 
D. Move 2 units east and 4 units south
Correct Answer: A


Step 1: Observe the grid, starting from the bakery.
Step 2: If Jeff and his uncle move 5 units east and 3 units north, they will be at the zoo.