collinear points

Definition of Collinear Points

  • The points lying on the same line are called Collinear Points.

More about Collinear Points

  • The points that do not lie on the same line are called non-collinear points.
  • Three non-collinear points form a triangle.

Examples of Collinear Points

  • In the given figure, U, P, and V are the collinear points.
  • Also (P, Q, R), (T, S, R), and (V, Q, S) are the other sets of collinear points.
  • (U, P, T), (U, S, T), and (V, Q, R) are the sets of non-collinear points.

Solved Example on Collinear Points

Identify the three collinear points from the diagram.

A. P, Q, and R
B. R, Q, and S
C. P, Q, and S
D. none of these
Correct Answer: A
Step 1: If the points lie on the same line, then the points are called collinear points.
Step 2: In the figure, P, Q, and R lie on the same line.
Step 3: So, P, Q, and R are the three collinear points.

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