Class Limits

Definition of Class Limits

The lower and upper limits of a class interval are known as Class Limits.

More About Class Limits

    All the class limits are generally of equal width and are mutually exclusive.

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Example of Class Limits

      examples of Class Limits
  • The rainfall per day at a place (in mm) is recorded for 50 days are divided into different class interval as shown above.
  • The 1st class limit is 1 - 4, 2nd class limit is 5 - 8, 3rd class limit is 9 - 12, 4th class limit is 13 - 16, 5th class limit is 17 - 20, and 6th class limit is 21 - 24.

Solved Example onClass Limits

Ques: The daily sales of books in a book stall for 20 consecutive days are:

    example of Class Limits

Find the class limit in which the sales are maximum by constructing a frequency distribution table with 5 classes.

    A. 32 - 42
    B. 53 - 63
    C. 9 - 19
    D. 20 - 30
    Correct Answer: C


    Step 1: Range of the data = higher value - lower value = 60 - 9 = 51
    Step 2: Width =example of Class Limits = 5/15 = 10.2 ˜ 11
    Step 3: Construct the class limits (daily sales of books) with width 11, so that the least and highest values have been included.
    Step 4: The class limits, boundaries, tally marks and the frequency for each class (number of tally marks) are shown in the table.
    Step 5:
    example of Class Limits
    Step 6: Since the frequency is more for the class interval 9 - 19, the sales are maximum in this limit.

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