Definition of Box and Whisker Plot

A Box-and-Whisker Plot shows the distribution of a set of data along a number line, dividing the data into four parts using the median and quartiles.

Examples of Box and Whisker Plot

  • A sample of box-and-whisker plot is shown below

    Definition of Box and Whisker Plot

Video Examples: Box and Whisker Plot

Solved Example on Box and Whisker Plot

Ques: The box-and-whisker plot below shows the amount of calories in some bakery items. Use it to find the difference between the upper and lower quartiles.

    Solved Example on Box and Whisker Plot
    A. 150
    B. 650
    C. 500
    D. 250
    Correct Answer: A


    Step 1: From the box-and-whisker plot shown, we learn that the upper quartile value is 650 and the lower quartile value is 500.
    Step 2: So, the difference between the two values is 650 - 500 = 150.

Real world Connections for Box and Whisker Plot

    Box-and-whisker plots are useful in comparing data.
    For example, the prices of different commodities, weights of students in a class, your test scores, etc can be compared using box-and-whisker plots.

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