Area of a Circle

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Definition of Area of a Circle

Area of a Circle is the amount of space occupied by the circle.

More About Area of a Circle

    Area of a circle of radius r is given by = πr2.

Examples of Area of a Circle

      example of Area of a Circle
    Diameter = 12 cm, radius = example of Area of a Circle2 = example of Area of a Circle3 = 6 cm.
    Area of a circle = πr2 = π(6)2 = 36π cm2 or 113.04 cm2. [Use π = example of Area of a Circle4or 3.14]

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Solved Example on Area of a Circle


Find the area of a circle, if the diameter of the circle is 4 cm. [Use π = 3.14]

    A. 25.12 cm2
    B. 6.28 cm2
    C. 12.46 cm2
    D. 12.56 cm2
    Correct Answer: D


    Step 1: Let r be radius of the circle.
    Step 2: Diameter of the circle = 2r
    Step 3: 4 = 2 × r.
    Step 4: r = 4/2 = 2 cm
    Step 5: Area of the circle = π × r2 [Formula.]
    Step 6: Area of the circle = 3.14 × 4 = 12.56 [Substitute the values of π and r.]
    Step 7: So, the area of the circle is 12.56 cm2
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