vertex of an angle

Definition of Vertex of an Angle

  • A point at which the arms (sides) of an angle meet is known as the vertex of the angle.

More about Vertex of an Angle

  • Measuring of angle is done about the vertex.

Example of Vertex of an Angle

Solved Example on Vertex of an Angle

Which of the following figures has D as its vertex?

    A. Figure 4
    B. Figure 3
    C. Figure 2
    D. Figure 1
    Correct Answer: C
    Step 1: The point from which the two rays originate is the vertex of an angle.
    Step 2: Here, the rays DE and DF originate from the point D.
    Step 3: So, D is the vertex.
    Step 4: Therefore, Figure 2 has an angle D as its vertex.

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