regular polygon

Definition of Regular Polygon

  • A polygon having all its sides equal and all the angles equal is called a Regular Polygon.

More about Regular Polygon

  • The measure of each angle of a regular polygon with n sides is given as degrees.
  • A circumscribed circle can be drawn through all the vertices of a regular polygon.

Examples of Regular Polygon


  • All the above polygons are regular polygons.

Solved Example on Regular Polygon

Choose a regular heptagon from the figures given.

A. Figure 1
B. Figure 2
C. Figure 3
D. Figure 4
Correct Answer: C
Step 1: A polygon with seven sides is called a heptagon.
Step 2: A polygon with all its sides measuring the same is called a regular polygon.
Step 3: Here, Figure 3 has all its seven sides of the same measure. So, it is a regular heptagon.

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