random sample

Definition of Random Sample

  • Random sample is a sample in which every individual or element in the population has an equal chance of being selected.
  • Random sample is a representative of the entire population.

Examples of Random Sample

  • The following are examples of random samples.
  • An environmentalist took 9 samples of effluents of an industry at different points.
  • A teacher chose a boy and a girl from a group of equally talented boys and girls to lead a parade.

Solved Example on Random Sample

Chris has 4 boxes of red, green, and blue marbles. He mixed all the marbles and picked 16 marbles randomly without looking. Would he get a random sample of marbles?
A. No
B. Yes
Correct answer: B
Step 1: Chris picked 16 marbles randomly from the box without looking, so he doesn’t know which color marble he picked up.
Step 2: All the three colored marbles have equal chance of being selected.
Step 3: So, the event of picking up the 16 marbles is a random sample.

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