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Definition Of Increase

Increase is nothing but becoming greater or larger in amount, size, number or degree.

More About increase

'To rise' also means 'to increase'.

Video Examples: Percent Increase

Example of increase

When Beau joined the company, his salary was $6500. After one year, he got an increment and his salary became $7400. So, the increase in Beau's salary = $7400 - $6500 = $900.

Solved Example on increase

Ques: Tommy's weight increased from 40.3 pounds to 54.6 pounds. How much weight did he gain?


A. 13.3
B. 15.3
C. 16.3
D. 14.3
Correct Answer: D


Step 1: The actual weight of Tommy was 40.3 pounds 
Step 2: The weight increased to 54.6 pounds 
Step 3: The weight Tommy gained = 54.6 - 40.3 = 14.3 pounds. 
Step 4: So, Tommy gained 14.3 pounds.