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Improper Fraction

Definition Of Improper Fraction

An improper fraction is a fraction in which the number in the numerator is greater than or equal to the number in the denominator.

Example of Improper Fraction

The following are few examples of improper fraction.
17/15, 9/1, 3/3

Video Examples: Improper fractions to mixed numbers

Solved Example on Improper Fraction

Ques: Chris sharedImproper Fraction of his homework with Valerie. Write this as an improper fraction. 


A. 1/6
B. 3/2
C. 7/2
Correct Answer: C


Step 1: Improper Fraction [Original mixed number.] 
Step 2: 3+ 1/2 [Write the mixed number as a sum.] 
Step 3: Improper Fraction [Multiply the whole number by denominator and add it to the numerator.] 
Step 4: Improper Fraction [Simplify.] 
Step 5: The improper fraction is 7/2 .