Definition of Dimensions

  • Dimensions are used to describe the size and shape of an object. For example: length, width, height, etc.

More about Dimensions

  • Length and width are the dimensions of a two-dimensional figure.
  • Length, width, and height are the dimensions of a three-dimensional figure.

Example of Dimensions

  • `The dimensions of a rectangle are 4m x 2m` implies that the `length of the rectangle is 4m and its width is 2m`.

Solved Example on Dimensions

Laura drew a trapezoid with dimensions as shown in the figure. Find the perimeter of the trapezoid.

A. 23 cm
B. 21 cm
C. 24 cm
D. 22 cm
Correct Answer: A
Step 1: The perimeter of a figure is the sum of all its side-lengths.
Step 2: The side-lengths of the trapezoid are 3 cm, 3 cm, 6 cm and 11 cm.
Step 3: The perimeter of the trapezoid = 3 + 3 + 6 + 11 = 23 [Add.]
Step 4: The perimeter of the trapezoid that Laura drew is 23 cm.

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