Definition of Cuboid

Cuboid is a polyhedron with six rectangular plane faces.

More About Cuboid

  • There are 12 edges and 8 vertices in a cuboid.
  • Cuboid is also called as right rectangular prism or rectangular parallelepiped box.
  • If all the edges of a cuboid are equal then it forms a cube.
  • In a cuboid opposite faces are equal and parallel and all angles are right angles.
    •  example of Cuboid
  • Formulas for the above rectangular box:
    Volume = lwh
    Lateral Surface Area = 2lh + 2wh
    Surface Area = 2lw + 2lh + 2wh

Video Examples: Surface Area of a Cuboid - Mathematics

Example of Cuboid

       example of Cuboid
    The above figure is a rectangular prism having six rectangular faces with the opposite faces being parallel.

Solved Example on Cuboid

Ques: Which net can be folded to form a cuboid?

     example of Cuboid
    A. Figure 1
    B. Figure 2
    C. Figure 3
    D. Figure 4
    Correct Answer: C


    Step 1: A cuboid is a polyhedron with six rectangular plane faces.
    Step 2: Observe the nets given in the four figures. [Cut a paper into the shape of net and fold it.]
    Step 3: We observe that a cuboid is formed only from the net in Figure 3.
    Step 4: The net in the Figure 3 can be folded to form a cuboid.

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