Constant Function

Definition of Constant Function

    Constant Function is a linear function of the form y = b, where b is a constant.
    It is also written as f(x) = b.
    The graph of a Constant Function is a horizontal line.

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Example of Constant Function

  • y = 10, y = - 3, y = 11 are some examples of constant functions.
  • The graph shows a constant function y = 12.
  • The value of the y is 12 for any x.
    • example of Constant Function

Solved Example on Constant Function

Ques: Which one of the following equations represents a constant function?

    A. x = 3
    B. 2x + y = 4
    C. y = 6
    D. 2y + x = 12
    Correct Answer: C


    Step 1: A constant function is of the form y = b, where b is a constant.
    Step 2: So, here, only y = 6 represents a constant function.

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