Complex Fraction

Definition of Complex Fraction

A Complex Fraction is a fraction that has one or more rational expressions in the numerator and/or denominator.

A complex fraction is a fraction that has one or more fractions in the numerator and/or denominator.

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Example of Complex Fraction

    example of Complex Fractionexample of Complex Fraction are examples of complex fractions.

Solved Example onComplex Fraction

Ques: Find the least common denominator (LCD) of the pair of the complex fractionsexample of Complex Fraction.


    A. (x + 7)(x + 8)
    B. (x + 8)
    C. (x + 15)
    D. (x + 56)
    Correct Answer: A


    Step 1: Find the highest power of each factor that appears in either denominator.
    Step 2: Both (x + 7) and (x + 8) are linear factors.
    Step 3: So, the LCD of the given two complex fractions is (x + 7)(x + 8).
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