algebraic expression

Definition of Algebraic Expression

  • An algebraic expression is an expression that contains one or more numbers, one or more variables, and one or more arithmetic operations.

Examples of Algebraic Expression

Solved Example on Algebraic Expression

A cassette shop charges $5 for renting a video cassette for the first day. It charges $2 extra for every additional day. Which of these algebraic expressions tells you the amount that Sarah would pay if she rents a video cassette for n days?


A. $(3 + 2n)

B. $(5n + 2)

C. $ n

D. $(5 - 2n)

Correct Answer: A


Step 1: $5 for the first day and $2 extra for every additional day.

Step 2: Sarah would pay $5 + (n - 1) × $2 for  renting a video cassette for n days.

Step 3: So, the algebraic expression that corresponds to the amount that Sarah would pay is $(3 + 2n).


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