Sleep Apnea Can Lead To Heart Failure

Sleep Apnea Can Lead To Heart Failure

Influenza pandemicis an epidemic influenza virus that infects a major portion of the population across the world, which occurs irregularly when compared to other seasonal epidemics. These viruses can be fatal as in the past Spanish influenza has killed over 50 million people. These pandemics were of three types in each century in the past 300 years. Recently it was 2009 flu pandemic.

It occurs in a situation where humans get transmitted by a new strain of influenza virus from animal species such as chickens, ducks and pigs. Since humans have immunity to the old virus, it becomes easy for the new virus to spread rapidly affecting a vast number of people.

The Influenza virusesat times are transmitted from wild birds that leads the outbreaks in domestic birds that in turn spreads to humans living close to those domesticated birds. It happens basically because of the migrating birds from one geographical place to another for seasonal changes. The commercial shipping of bird products can also cause it to happen.

According to the description given by World Health Organization (WHO) the influenza is mainly classified into 5 times in terms the spread of virus from initial few stages in humans through a pandemic.

It begins by infecting animalswith a few cases where animals infect people, later goes to the stage where it spread directly between people, and ends with a pandemic when infections from the new virus have spread across the world.

Many people are unaware that their insomnia and sleepless nights may be a result of insufficient airflow. Tiredness, irritability, fatigue, and headaches upon waking up could be because the person is suffering from a sleep disorder called obstructive sleep apnea.


Sleep Apnea Can Lead to Heart Failure

Additionally the serious snoring is a major problem that never should be ignored and consulting a specialist to investigate the causes is a sensible decision. If diagnosed with sleep apnea, a physician may recommend the use of a CPAP machine. While surgery for a problem of this nature may be a last resort.

There are many leading brand names of all CPAP machine models on the market. For many patients, using a CPAP machine has been found to be highly effective, although it does not cure the problem.

It is recommended if a patient is suggested a CPAP machine health professional, then in its important to be used on a continuously till there is a good improvement of sleep and breathing.

A potential sleep apnea sufferer will be evaluated by a doctor before the purchase of a CPAP machine and if they have symptoms of frequent waking up in the night, excessive daytime tiredness, headaches, bad snoring syndrome then they may be a prime candidate to get a CPAP machine.

A doctor can help determine the best machine for the sleep apnea sufferer’s needs, as well as the particular settings and configuration that will be needed.

Before a recommendation to use a CPAP machine a specialist will investigate the factors such as medical history, lifestyle factors (such as alcohol and tobacco intake as well as exercise), cardiovascular condition, and current medications.

If someone suffering from the common sleep disorder called sleep apnea, or have other issues that cause inconsistent or intermittent breathing a CPAP machine may alleviate this problem without surgery.

Most people do not even know they have sleep Apnea but a partner may hear heavy snoring or notice restless sleeper. Going for tests will help the doctor decide whether there is a need for a CPAP machine.