Meningiomas & Types Associated

Meningiomas & Types Associated

Meningioma is tumor that occurs in the meninges (three layers covering the central nervous system) of the brain. They contribute to one third of the brain tumors.

These tumors are of benign in nature yet some of them are malignant in nature and can also cause death in some cases of patients diagnosed with this.

Meningioma can be treated by radiosurgery or by conventional surgery. In the past the surgical removal of the tumors was done thousands of years back during the 1800’s

It can occur in people of 40-7- years age, commonly found in women than in men. The y are rarely diagnosed in children contributing only 1.5% of the total population diagnosed with the same.



Types of Meningiomas

  • Spinal meningiomas
  • Intraorbital meningiomas
  • Intraventricular meningiomas
  • Sphenoid meningiomas
  • Posterior fossa meningiomas
  • Falx and Parasagittal meningiomas
  • Olfactory groove meningiomas
  • Falx and Parasagittal meningiomas